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[left-hand page]
July 27 1938

Dear mr Ede i Receved
your letter i See By it
you have arived Home
Saf i am Thinkin of
givin up The paints
all To gether i have nothin
But Perciutin and
gelecy and if you Can
Com Down for a hour or 2
you Can Take Them with
you and give what They
are worf To you afterwards
These Drawers and shopes
are all gelles of me send
or Com yow can have
Them all There is alot of

[right-hand page]

and at my age it is mor
Than i can stand i may do
one now an Then when i
Feel aBle send Down
anyone That is Coming
This way or Com nothin
But perecurten i want To live
To The schpter not mallace
you Can Com or send
and Take Them away
and pay what Ther worth
after words
so i Clos wishin you
well From your Friend
alfred Wallis 3 Back Road W st Ives c

you can have The lot By comis
or sandin